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"Being young and dealing with cancer don't go hand in hand. When you're young, you want to move forward; your life is under construction. Education, work, financial independence, relationships, family—the goal is to steadily continue growing. Cancer is, at the very least, a hindrance, but if you're unlucky, the disease sets you back for years. Not keeping pace with your peers is disruptive, but sometimes having to adjust your pace—taking half a step back or a quick extra one—can also yield something. It's not always visible on the outside, but it's consistently felt on the inside.
It's challenging that, in the quest to rediscover the fluid motion, you often find yourself relying on your own resources and sometimes have no idea of the right direction. Where is the targeted support that you so desperately need?"
A production in work of QV Creative 
"Certainly, you need support as well. But people often don't know what to do. How could they? It's not something you learn in elementary school. But they have one thing in common—the fear of not knowing what to expect. The fear of not being there anymore or not having someone around you.
The fear of leaving your environment behind or being left alone. The fear of not being able to lead your life as you had always planned. That fear is terrible. Fear is precisely what the F|Fort Foundation does not stand for. The counterpart of fear is courage. Dare to be courageous. Dare to talk about it. Dare to ask. Dare to understand and help each other. Dare to be creative and dare to make the most of everything."
Museumplein Amsterdam - Stationsplein Rotterdam - Grote Markt Groningen - Vrijthof Maastricht 
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