Photography | Creative direction | Exhibition design 
'Dorst om trots te zijn' An exhibition on diversity and inclusivity in the rowing world. After numerous interviews and calls with various top rowing clubs across the Netherlands, we quickly discovered that diversity of ethnic background or acceptance of homosexuality remains a persistent 'issue' in many of these associations today. We asked 9 individuals to share their stories, ranging from positive to negative experiences, all equally powerful. The photography serves as a metaphor for their narratives, providing them with a platform to be heard. The aim is to foster recognition among others and to bring attention to the subject. Because it is time to take pride. Pride in who you are.
Title: monkey-watching
"...But I do notice at rowing competitions and especially at rowing parties that when I am myself, namely the stereotypical gay, I am looked at strangely. I can be quite flamboyant on the dance floor, and I do receive comments behind my back and more beer is spilled towards me."
Title: Crossing borders
" 'X' also displayed physically inappropriate behavior towards me during my rowing period. We were cycling home and X was very drunk. I didn't feel comfortable at all. He took my bike and I wanted to leave, but I couldn't. It was on the street. I haven't told many people about this. He wouldn't let go of me, and then a man in a car stopped in the middle of the roundabout. He got out and asked, 'Do you need help?' That's when I said, 'No, I know him, it'll be fine.'"
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